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Clubs- Spanish Club

Hola! Me llamo Emily!


Have you ever wanted to learn Spanish outside of the classroom? Well, here at ECCHS we have the perfect club for you. The Spanish Club has made its reappearance at the high school after the lack of it for many years.


The Spanish Club or “Club de espanol” is advised by Alba Annie Cleveland and Daniella Cavanaugh who are our Spanish teachers here at ECCHS. The club has officers in charge to oversee the meetings, financial expenses, and publicity of the club. The President is Ryan Landaverde, Vice President is Wendy Espinosa and the Secretary is Ky’lice Huff.


As part of being in the Spanish club, you cave the chance to connect with the community and school using Spanish-based language and activities. Such things include organized field trips, practicing speaking and writing, offer tutoring for other students struggling with Spanish, participating in community service projects, offer translation services to the community, and connecting with penpals electronically from Spain and/or Latin America.