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Raiders- Update (October)

Raiders: Morgan Scott


This past weekend, the ECCHS Raider team hosted 18 total teams at the high school for their home competition. Overall, the outcomes for both teams were a huge success!


The boy’s team came in 2nd overall. They achieved 1st in CCR, tire flip, and rope bridge. They also got 2nd in the team run and 3rd in PPT. Raider, Mario Saponari, said, “We set a new record of one minute for rope bridge, which was the highlight of my whole raider career!”


The girl’s team also came in 2nd overall. They got 1st in CCR, PPT, and rope bridge. The girls also achieved 2nd in tire flip. Raider, Maelynn Ruff, said, “I am beyond proud of the outcome of our CCR. Our time was 6.46, even with a one minute penalty, making the time 7.46.” The girls also got a new record for rope bridge of 1.22 even with the absence of commander Lindsey Bond.


Overall, the home raider meet was a great accomplishment! The raiders are continuing to work hard and grow closer together as a team! Come out and support the raiders at their next competition at this Saturday, October 7th, in Hart County.