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Student Interview- Savannah Dove

Student Interview: Elizabeth Vaughn


This week I interviewed Savannah Dove about her homecoming experiences last Saturday night. I asked her five questions regarding the homecoming dance and the entire experience.


Did you attend Homecoming last Saturday?



How long did you spend at the dance?

-Two hours. From the start of the dance until 10:00.


Did you go with a date, alone, or with friends?

-I came with a group of friends and then they left and I stayed until 10:00.


Did you do anything before or after the dance? What did you do?

-Yes. I ate at my friend’s house after taking pictures at Ms. Martha Well’s house. After the dance, I went home.


What was your favorite part of the entire night?

-Dancing and hanging out with friends.


What could make homecoming even better next year?

-Having a date so I didn’t have to slow dance by myself.