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Student Interview- Lauren Hart

For this week’s student interview, I chose Lauren Hart. Lauren is on the Lady Devils Softball Team and is the tenth grade representative on this year’s homecoming court. I asked her questions about all the events that we have going on at the high school this week such as spirit week, the homecoming court, and the homecoming dance. Listed below are the four questions I asked in my interview with Lauren:


What is your favorite spirit week day and why?


My favorite day for spirit week is character day. I love seeing all the cool costumes and crazy things that people dress up as.


Do you have everything ready for the events that you are apart of this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday?

Yes! I am very prepared for the parade, the field, and the dance. I have all my dresses and shoes, and I have scheduled all my hair appointments. I am doing my own makeup on Thursday and Saturday.


What are your plans for the homecoming dance on saturday?

Saturday, after I am done with my hair and makeup, I am going to take pictures with my friends, eat in Athens, and go hang out with some of my friends after the dance.


What are excited for being on the homecoming court and being 10th grade representative?

I’m thrilled to be representing my class and that I get to be part of something so special. I am very excited to stand on the field Friday night and see who is crowned homecoming queen.


After interviewing Lauren, it is safe to say that she is very excited for her role in all the festivities to come. Lauren is the perfect candidate to represent the sophomore class. She possesses all the characteristics needed to showcase what ECCHS stands for.