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DIY- Scarecrow

DIY: McKenzie Clark


Fall is in the air, and Halloween will be creeping up soon. It can be hard to decorate for both fall and Halloween, so a cute scarecrow is the perfect mix between the two. This clay pot scarecrow is very easy to make and super cute. All you will need for this project is terracotta pots, twine, a drill, burlap, straw, glue, and black, orange, and white markers.


  1. Drill holes in the middle of “arms” “feet” and “head” of your scarecrow. In the body, drill one hole in the middle and 2 on the side of the arms.
  2. Take your twine and thread it through the head of your scarecrow tying a knot to keep it from slipping through.
  3. Place the body of the scarecrow underneath, threading the twine through and tying a looped knot that you can also tie the “legs” of the scarecrow to. Attach the feet by tying a knot after threading it through the drilled hole.
  4. Attach the arms by knotting the twine inside the body threading it up and out the top of the pot. Attach the legs the same way to attach the arms.
  5. Glue in straw, making sure you leave a good amount hanging out. Glue your burlap over the “head” of the post and draw your face using the markers. Cut a few squares of the burlap and add them to the body for the patches.