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Clubs- Student Council

Clubs: Student Council: Amanda McCollough

If you have taken a look around the school lately, you will notice the halls are decorated with balloons, streamers, lanterns, tissue paper flowers and so much more. You have Student Council to thank for that! You also have them to thank for almost all the dance celebrations and fundraisers.


Student council is not privy to Elberton and call me bias but I have to say our student council is my favorite. I have many friends who participate in this extracurricular activity and they always have nothing but positive comments to make. Below are two quotes from very prominent members of Student Council.


“Student council is involved in a lot of school activities. They really help to involve other students in the ways of the school.” - Ash Bennett (President of the Sophomore Class)


“Student Council has afforded me many opportunities to give back to my school and helped shape me as a leader.” – Jackson Caruso (Co-President of the Senior Class)


As you can see from fellow students above, Student Council is a very beneficial organization and we are lucky to have such a great one here at ECCHS.