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TV Review- Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: McKenzie Clark    

Thank goodness it’s Thursday! If you’re a fan of Shonda Rhimes’ TV shows, you know what that means. On September 28th, “How to Get Away With Murder,” “Scandal,” and of course her most famous show “Grey’s Anatomy” will return to TV. Last season Grey’s fans were left with a huge cliffhanger. The hospital was on fire and doctors and patients were stuck inside. Meanwhile, Owen Hunt’s assumed to be dead sister, was found alive and was being brought to the U.S.

“Grey’s Anatomy” has officially started filming season 14. According Shonda Rhimes, the tone of the show is going to change this year. She said the show will have a lighter tone, and the characters will have a happier season. Jessica Capshaw, who plays Arizona Robins, said the show is going to be hysterical.  There are also a lot of new character changes this season. Stephanie Edwards, Leah Murphy, and Eliza Minnick will not be returning. The hospital will also get some upgrades, due to the fire in the hospital.

From the sound of it, “Grey’s Anatomy” will have some major changes this season; however with all of the changes the award winning plot and characters will still be the same. Grey’s fans are counting down the days to the season premiere, and can’t wait to see what drama unfolds for the 14th season!