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National Art Honor Society

NAHS: Ellie Jourolmon


National Art Honor Society is a club to inspire and recognize students that have an outstanding ability and interest in art as well as a high GPA To join this club you must turn in the application and participate in a tryout. Mr. Bennett is our NAHS advisor. Tryouts are in the Spring and dues are $35. While in this club, you do many activities and service projects. In the past,  activities include painting the mural on a wall in the Elberton Square, painting club and sports symbols on the wall you walk into as you enter the school, and many other service projects that include using art.


NAHS meet twice a month on the second and fourth Wednesday. Their next meeting is September 27th. At the meeting, the club enjoys food while going over many upcoming events. They go over the projects and discuss any other projects they would like to be involved in. A few of the service projects are facepainting at the Elementary School’s AR carnival, window painting for businesses in the county, wall murals, field trips to museums, and helping with theater sets.


The National Art Honor Society officers includes: President Haley Brown, Vice President John McMonigle, Treasurer Alyssa Walsky, Secretary Morgan Herndon, 11th Grade Representative Maribeth Smith, and 10th Grade Representative Madison Harpold. Being a member in this club means you have to keep an eighty percent average or, in other words a 3.0 GPA, and you have to have zero write-ups. After asking many of the members and the advisor, NAHS is considered enjoyable and a great opportunity to display your art all around the county.