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Student Interview- Katelyn Dove

Today I interviewed Katelyn Dove and asked her a few questions concerning the upcoming homecoming festivities. Some of these include spirit week, the parade, hall decoration, the homecoming dance, and many more! Below is the interview conducted with Katelyn:

What is your favorite part of the week leading up to homecoming?

-Spirit week is my favorite part because you are able to dress up during the week to fit the themes.

Has someone asked you to homecoming and if so, how did they ask?

-Logan Vickery asked me by painting “Will you catch the hint, and spin me to homecoming?” at band practice.

How long does is take you to find the “perfect dress”?

-It took me a while. I visited two stores and decided that I liked the last dress that I tried on the most.

Do you feel like it is more fun to go to the dance with a group of friends, as just a couple, or a group of couples?

-I think it is more fun to go with a group of friends because you know them so well and can have the most fun with people you are closest to.

How do you feel about the dance being in the lunchroom this year?

-I do not really have any strong feelings against or for it. I’ll have to wait and see the night of the dance to see how I feel about it.

If you could make one suggestion on how to improve the homecoming dance, what would it be?

-I would suggest more decorations to fit the theme.

We are excited for homecoming and all of the activities that come along with it! We hope everyone else is just as excited, and we cannot wait to kick the week of homecoming off with Spirit Week!