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Teacher Interview- Mrs. Leslie Johnson

Thinking about your future is pretty intimidating, right? Well, for most of our seniors this thought is now becoming a reality. There are many decisions our upcoming graduates are having to think about, such as where to apply to college or what they might want to major in. Deciding which college you should call home, is a life-changing decision. Many teachers at ECCHS have been through this same situation, including Leslie Johnson.

Mrs. Johnson attended Elbert County Comprehensive High School, then continued her education at the University of Georgia. She chose the University of Georgia, because it has been her dream school since she was a little girl, however now she believes that may have not been the best option. Mrs. Johnson now advises not to go to a bigger university straight from high school. She believes she would have had a better transition by going to a smaller school then transferring. Her best advice to give to a senior would be to think hard about where you want to go and take the degree programs a school offers into great consideration.

Hopefully this advice will help any seniors who needed. College is a big decision, but there is no wrong choice. College is a road with many options, whichever turn you take is just the beginning!