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Where are they now?- Mary Truett

“Where Are They Now?” : Mary Truett

In the spring semester of 2017, Mary Truett was accepted into the University of Georgia and around that same time, tried out for their majorette line. After successfully making the line, Mary is finally pursuing her dream of twirling in Sanford Stadium as a Georgia Bulldawg.  

These past few weeks, Mary has been practicing with the Redcoat Marching Band at their band camp. It began each morning at 5AM and lasted until 10AM, followed by a break, then resumed at 5 PM and ended at 10PM. I chatted with Mary about some of her experiences so far and she said, "The morning practices were easier than night practices because the whole band was not normally there and it wasn't as hot." Mary and the rest of the University of Georgia Majorettes practice every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 4PM to 7PM while they prepare three shows to present throughout the season. The routines consist of being taught tough dances, then being drilled on them time after time. Mary says she has never been more happy to be done with learning them.  Mary has begun to grow very close with the other 10 majorettes as well as her coach, Ashley Clark. While talking, she discussed how well she is balancing her school work while participating in majorette and other activities.  

Overall, Mary so far is loving school and cannot wait to twirl between the hedges Labor Day weekend, for the first time as a UGA Majorette. She plans to attend the University of Georgia all four years of her college career. After graduating from Elbert County Comprehensive High School, she has had to stay determined to maintain good grades; however, she has done a great job and we all wish the best for Mary and the rest of the majorette line this year!