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Book Review- The Longest Ride

The Longest Ride Book Review: Emily Edwards


I believe every girl sometime in her lifetime has read a book by Nicholas Sparks or at least watched the movie. Whether you love the romance or the sweet interactions of each storyline, almost every person has a favorite book from him. My favorite Nicholas Sparks book, by far, is “The Longest Ride”.  

This book is set in North Carolina and each scene is placed around 2 very similar couples. The first couple is a 91-year-old man named Ira and his beloved Ruth. In the book, Ira is telling the readers of their love story. The story also revolves around the growing romance of Sophia, a college student and Luke, a champion bull rider.

    Throughout the book, each scene is separated by these two couples and each of their lives intertwine which draws the reader in. Sophia and Luke grow together throughout the story and eventually meet Ira during one date. They end up taking him to the hospital and this is when Ira starts telling Sophia of his and Ruth’s life together. Of course, it isn’t a romance novel if the main couple doesn’t have problems. The main secret of the book was Luke’s fear and background with riding the bull named Big Ugly Critter. Luke had a fear of riding the bull but was determinate to win the championship even if it ruined their relationship. At the end of the movie, Luke faced his fears, won the championship and both him and Sophia lived happily ever after.

    Overall, this book was very interesting and every single scene led up to the “happily ever after” for which Nicholas Sparks’ books are famous. I recommend reading this book if you have the time, but if not, just watch the movie.