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Teacher Interview- Coach Alton Smith

Teacher Interview:  Lily Johnson


Who doesn’t get excited about football season? “Friday Nights Under the Lights” is a staple in our small town, and even if you are not very into the sport of football, the social aspect is always fun. Many teachers here at ECCHS love football season as well, including Coach Smith. Coach Smith loves the Elbert County Blue Devils; however, his heart also belongs to Madison County and Clemson University football. His son, Rowman, plays at Madison County, and when asked what his favorite part about football season, Coach Smith replied, “ My favorite part is definitely watching my son play.” He goes to Blue Devil games and Madison County games, and he enjoys watching the Clemson games at home. Another teacher here at ECCHS who is also excited about the start of football season is Mrs. Lindsay Johnson. She has always been a fan of the Blue Devils and the Georgia Bulldawgs since she was little. Mrs. Johnson went to ECCHS as a teenager, and then attended UGA. She said, “My favorite part about football season is being able to watch the games with my family and friends. I attend all the Blue Devil games I can make it to on Friday nights, but I watch most Georgia games at home.”


We hope you enjoyed reading about our teachers’ favorite football teams and how much they love football season! The Blue Devil News Network loves football season and our Blue Devils, and we hope to see you at the next game!