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Raiders: Sports: Taylor Smith


Have you ever wanted to go bald and never go back? Well, the Elbert County Raiders sure have! As a tradition each year before the season begins, the raiders get together after school and completely shave their heads bald. This of course does not apply to the female raiders. It is mandatory for the boys to shave their heads. If they decide they do not want to shave their heads, they cannot participate in the following season.


A few Raiders wanted to express their opinions on the head shaving and how it helps them as a team. Chase Nester said “Nobody really wants to shave their head, but we are a team and it is something we do together.” Jake Lebarron said, “The best part about it was getting to shave other people’s heads. Shaving mine wasn’t as much fun.”


Overall, it seems as if shaving their heads is more of a team bonding exercise than a punishment. It seems to bring them closer together helping them as a team. In order to do well in their competitions, they must work well together as a team. Being a raider is a very grueling and challenging sport. It takes a lot to be a Raider, so come out and show them how proud we are of them!