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DIY Article- American Flag Bandana Wreath

DIY American Flag Bandana Wreath: Ellie Jourolmon


If you are staying home this Labor Day weekend and want a fun DIY project to do, you're in luck. You can show your patriotic side by making a American Flag bandana wreath. The supplies you will need to make this project are a 16-18″ wire floral wreath, 6 white, 6 red, 6 blue bandanas, rustic tin stars, an 18 gauge galvanized steel wire, a pair of small wire cutters, white spray paint, glitter spray paint, and fabric scissors. The seven easy steps to make this wreath are listed below:

  1. Unfold each bandana and to cut the bandana in half, followings its crease.

  2. Fold it in half and fold the jagged ends under.

  3. Put the bandana under the wire wreath with the center fold on the outside and take both ends and bring them over the wreath and through the center loop- you need to pull it tight and make sure to keep both of the ends even and do this all the way around the wreath switching from red and white.

  4. Once you run out of white and red bandanas, you need start to add blue bandanas.

  5. Spray paint the tin stars with the white spray paint until it dries and once it finishes drying spray paint each of them with glitter spray paint.

  6. Take the gauge wire and cut it however long you want to and attach one of the ends to the back of the star with hot glue.

  7. Attach the end of the wire, not attached to the star, to the wire wreath in the blue bandana section and do this to all of the stars you would like to include.