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Faculty Interview- Eclipse

Sherri Rampey was interviewed the day after the solar eclipse took place and was asked a few questions on what she did during this one in a lifetime event.

Question 1: Where were you during the solar eclipse?

-"During the eclipse, I was on a pontoon out in the middle of Clarks Hill Lake with my family"

Question 2: What time from where you were at did the moon fully cover the sun?

-"It was about 2:42 when it fully covered"

Question 3: Could you hear anything while the eclipse was taking place?

-"Yes, I could hear crickets and frogs and I could see stars"

Questions 4: Was this the first time you had seen a full coverage solar eclipse?

-"Yes, but I saw a partial one in 1984"

Questions 5: From where you were, was it really dark outside?

-"Yes, it was pitch black for about 2 minutes"