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Student Interviews- Eclipse

As most of you already know, this past Monday, August 21, 2017, was a historical moment across America. Many students put on their special eclipse glasses, and viewed the eclipse with family and friends. Nate Lavender, a ninth grade student here at ECCHS, said he watched the eclipse with his family and cousins and his grandparents’ house. When asked what he thought of the solar eclipse, he responded, “Honestly, it did not meet my expectations. I thought the sky would get really dark, but it stayed light.” Nate enjoyed being out of school, and looking at all the funny selfies of his friends with their eclipse glasses on. Nolan Johnson, another ninth grader at ECCHS, also watched the eclipse with his family at his house. He thought the eclipse was pretty cool, and his favorite part was, “when the temperature dropped.” Paris Umble, an eleventh grader at ECCHS, watched the solar eclipse behind the baseball field with the football team. When asked how he felt about the solar eclipse, he said, “I thought it would be cooler than it was.” Paris thought it would get darker and last longer. He also enjoyed being out of school.

The solar eclipse was a very cool experience for many. We hope you had fun watching the eclipse on your day off!