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Movie Review- Baby Driver

Movie Review Baby Driver:


This past week I went to the movie theatre and bought a ticket to see Baby Driver. I saw the commercials and my first impression when I saw the trailer was an action-packed car chase movie with no meaning. Throughout the movie, the scenes proved I underestimated the film in its entirety. This film made the viewers feel like they were in a 110-minute music video with car chases, and romantic scenes. No matter who you were in the movie theatre the music selection left nobody still in their seats with it ranging from old school hip-hop to classic rock. This movie is fueled by Baby’s selection of music and it gives us a glimpse of Baby’s thoughts and feelings.

With Baby’s background, we see the movie is much more than car chases and we see his inner life with a heavy back story and a foster dad appear throughout scenes. Every scene led up until the final scene where Baby’s driving sadly had to come to an end. I think this movie was one of the best movies ever made and I recommend watching it.


-Emily Edwards