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Leanne Layne Article

Leanne Pitts Layne was a student at ECCHS and graduated in 1999. She was extremely active in various extracurricular activities throughout her high school career. She participated in Anchor, Interact, Beta, FBLA, and FCA. She was the Key Club’s “Sweetheart”, as well as a member of the yearbook staff. She was also involved in sports. Leanne was a majorette, Junior Varsity cheerleader, and Varsity softball player. Leanne Layne now has two children, Walker and Lila, and is a hospital consultant. She also owns her own baton company-- L3 Baton. Leanne is the coach for our award winning majorette line here at ECCHS. When asked, “What is something you would like to tell your high school self,” Leanne answered, “I would encourage my high school self not to miss any positive opportunity. Grab a hold of them as they come and make the most of them”.