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Book Review

A Child Called “It”: One Child’s Courage to Survive – Dave Pelzer


If you are ever looking for a book to make you realize no matter how difficult your problems or situations are but you can always fight to make a better life, A Child Called “It” is the book for you. When I first began to read this story, I had no idea the journey it would take me on. In this story, a little boy is severely abused, both emotionally and physically, by his mother from the age of six until he was nine years old. His family started out as the picture perfect family with two beautiful, loving parents and two older brothers. They went on vacations, celebrated holidays, and did what you would expect pretty much any happy family to do; however, something changed. Mother began to resent “the boy” and forced him to do tasks that I cannot imagine a person doing, even after reading this book and knowing them to be true. By the time Pelzer was rescued, he had already endured worse in a few years as a child than most people endure in a lifetime, , he kept his head above the water and never lost his spirit for too long, and it paid off. While this book has a happy ending for the moment, there are two more in the series I strongly recommend you read to get a glimpse into his life after his rescue.

    A Child Called “It” is one of the most heartbreaking, crushing stories I can remember reading, but there is something about the story of a little boy who overcame the hardest of obstacles and grew up to live a full life with a son of his own that I believe makes this book worth the read.