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Plano Launches Awesome New Arrow Case

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Plano, always on the forefront of case design and function, wows once again with its new-for-2015 Arrow Max Case. I know what you’re thinking: How can an arrow case be epic? For starters, this new case isn’t bulky. It isn’t heavy. It doesn’t creak and crack. It isn’t made of low-grade plastic.

“We are expecting this new case, which is just a prototype right now, to do big things for us,” said Traditions Media Josh Lantz. “The case is just so sleek and is a breeze to operate. Plus, it can fit pretty much anywhere when you’re packing for a hunt. It can even slip inside a standard bow case. Plus, and this is going to be a big draw, it has a $25 MSRP. We really feel like we’ve developed a good product that fits nicely into a price point bowhunters will appreciate.”

Made of heavy-duty material, the case features “H” latch closures and houses up to six arrows. Also sure to be appreciated is the internal storage compartment for small accessories like broadheads and internal slots for lashing straps.

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