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Kid Rock Takes a Bama Buck

Ted Nugent is never shy. He’s even less so when it comes to his views on hunting and firearms.

Now, Nugent has drawn fellow Michigan rocker, Kid Rock (Bob Ritchie), into the mix with a post on Nugent’s Facebook page.

Ritchie also made headlines this week with a nice Alabama buck in Pike County. For years, Ritchie visited Alabama to hunt with Hank Williams Jr.

He took a liking to the area and purchased his own land in the state a few years back. It’s not unusual to spot Kid Rock in the Heart of Dixie during the whitetail rut.

Nugent congratulated Ritchie on the buck on his Facebook page.

    "Gotta call from my fellow MotorCity RockDog KidRock very Xcited about his big AL buck! I'm afraid the man is hooked on the Great Spirit of the Wild now! Way2GO Bob! CongratSalute my Motown Michiganiac SoulMusic venison BloodBrother! Watch how much more sexy his music will be now!! GoKidGO!!"