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Bobcat Hunting Still Banned in Illinois

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The House passed the bobcat-hunting bill 91-20 and the Senate passed the same bill 30-19, but Gov. Pat Quinn vetoed the bill on Sunday (1/11/15).

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources recommended the bobcat-hunting season. Stating that a hunting season would help with the long-term management of the species. Official say that bobcat numbers have grown to 5,000 animals, mostly in the south and west portions of the state.

Gov. Quinn said, “Bobcats are a valuable part of Illinois' ecosystem and continue to need protection.” Bobcats were removed from the Threatened Species List in 1999.

The bill would have allowed hunting of bobcats between November and mid-February, and hunters would have been limited to one bobcat per year.

Quinn vetoed the bill on his last day in office. Republican Bruce Rauner was inaugurated on Monday (1/12/15).