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Deputy Arrested for Hunting on Private Property

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CORDELE — A Crisp County Sheriff’s Deputy was arrested on January 3rd, according to Sheriff Billy Hancock. David Smith was arrested after a citizen reported trespassers on his property.  A farmer located in the south part of Crisp County called the Sheriff’s Office when the property owner saw unknown subject or subjects on his property.  At the time of the call, the suspect’s identity was not known.  

Sheriff Hancock advised that his deputies called the Department of Natural Resources to respond because of the likely hood that the call involved night hunters. David Smith is charged with hunting deer at night, hunting under the influence of alcohol, hunting from a public road, hunting from a motor vehicle and hunting without permission. Smith’s employment with the Sheriff’s Office has been terminated. Sheriff Hancock stated Smith was a good deputy and had performed his duties according to policy.  He was dependable and was a hard worker. “I am surprised and disappointed by his actions.”


DNR responded and, with the use of a K-9, located Smith lying in the field. Smith was dressed in a camouflage suit designed for making it difficult to see him in the dark. After Smith was taken into custody, Rangers located a deer that had been shot in close proximity of where Smith was located.

Smith had been with the Sheriff’s Office for four years. Sheriff Hancock says that it is unfortunate that this incident occurred but states there is no place in law enforcement for those who do not obey the laws they are sworn to uphold.

Also charged in this incident was Holly Butterworth, 34 years old, of 441 McClendon Road, Cordele, GA.  Her charges include hunting deer at night, hunting from a public road, hunting from a motor vehicle and hunting without permission.  This case remains under investigation by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.