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Coyote Gets Stuck In SUV Grill

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The coyote population across America is high. In some areas it’s escalating at an alarming pace, and not just in the woods.

Urban coyotes have been around for a while. They are generally just a local attraction for the curious or a news story.

Recently they made the local news in New Orleans, and have also been spotted near Wrigley Field in Chicago.

Urban coyotes are known to pose a danger to small neighborhood pets, but they can also become a nuisance and danger to commuters.

Imagine your dailiy commute is going as it always does, when suddenly you feel—and know—you’ve hit something, but you clearly didn’t see anything cross your path. After that perplexing event, you arrive at your destination where a swarm of people is ogling your front bumper.

What did you hit and why is everyone transfixed on your car?

The answer. A coyote is stuck in front grill.

Animal Control officer, Amber Manley, told the Lake County News-Sun she knew it wasn’t a fox.

    Right away, Manley knew the animal wasn’t a fox, but a coyote. She was stunned the coyote happened to be the right size to fit in the tight space.

    “It was even more amazing he survived,” she said.

The coyote suffered fractures to three of its legs and is being treated at a wildlife rehabilitation center. The center plans to release the coyote back into the wild after winter.

Fortunately, this story's ending is just a wounded animal being cared for and vehicle damage. It could have been much worse. Deer and moose collisions cause numerous deaths each year on America's roadways. An increase in coyote collisions could have a similar result. That’s one reason why it’s important to keep the coyote population in check.