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NEW 2014 Must Have Gear from Plano

Plano, IL (August 18,2014) – “Water-resistant” can be a cursed catchphrase, especially to a hardcore hunter. Weather doesn’t stop these gladiators from taking the field. But wet, or worse, rusted gear can slam the brakes on even the best-laid plans. Wicked water droplets in your optics. Fogged screen on your handheld GPS. How about the reed on your duck call so saturated it sounds like a party favor blowing champagne bubbles?   
To Plano, that’s totally unacceptable.
So to keep your precious hunting paraphernalia dry and prepared, the leaders in storage and gear protection have crafted the Guide Series™ Waterproof Case collection. Available in four classic Plano StowAway® footprints, these sturdy Guide Series™ cases are completely airtight and waterproof, leaving ‘water-resistance’ to cheap boots and pup tents.
Each Guide Series Waterproof Case features Plano’s proven DriLoc™ O-ring seals that create a fraternal bond between the lid and case, keeping matters airtight on the inside and waterproof on the outside. The lids on all four sizes are locked down securely with triple cam-action latches cantilevered on beefy hinges.    
Before the latches and hinges go on, though, overall durability is insured in the molding process. Guide Series Waterproof Cases are constructed of tough polycarbonate material to withstand and actually balk at run-ins with rocky trails and bounces in the pickup truck.
Inside, however, TLC is administered via a slip-resistant rubber pad. The soft and clingy material helps prevent potential damage to even the most precious cargo, like smartphones and digital cameras.  
Not only are Plano’s Guide Series Waterproof Cases available in four sizes, they also come in a selection of finishes. The 1449 – smallest in the family – comes in Clear, RealTree® XTRA and RealTree® MAX-5; the larger 1450 in Clear and RealTree® MAX-5; sized-up 14600 also in Clear and RealTree® MAX-5; and the heftiest case in the series, the 14700, out the door in clear.    
Guide Series Waterproof Case______________________________________________
MSRP $17.99 TO $44.99
•    3449 StowAway Footprint
•    Exterior 6.5” x 4.5” x 2.13”
•    Interior 5” x 3” x 1.625”
144900 Clear
144950 RealTree® XTRA
144951 RealTree® MAX-5
•    3500 StowAway Footprint
•    Exterior 9” x 4.875” x 3”
•    Interior 7.5” x 3.125” x 2.5”
145000 Clear
145051 RealTree® MAX-5
145050 RealTree® XTRA
•    3600 StowAway Footprint
•    Exterior 11” x 7.25” x 4”
•    Interior 9” x 5.25” x 3.625”
146000 Clear
146051 RealTree® MAX-5
•    3700 StowAway Footprint
•    Exterior 14” x 9” x 5”
•    Interior 12” x 7” x 4.625”
147000 Clear