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L'Or'al Parts with Aspiring Model after Hunting Photo Emerges

Axelle Despiegelaere, 17, got a taste of international fame after photographs of her at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil went viral. Cheering on the Belgian national team in her native country’s colors and a horned hat during a soccer match against Russia, Despiegelaere quickly became an icon of the World Cup. According to The Independent, cosmetics and beauty giant L’Oreal took notice of the young aspiring model and offered her a contract, even producing a video in which the teen receives a professional makeup session with L’Oreal products. The contract was soon withdrawn, however, when Despiegelaere released a picture of herself taken during a gemsbok antelope hunt last year.
A company spokesperson told The Independent that Despiegelaere’s contract had ended, but did not comment on whether the decision was brought about by the photo itself.
“L’Oréal Professionnel Belgium collaborated with her on an ad hoc basis to produce a video for social media use in Belgium,” the spokesperson said simply. “The contract has now been completed.”
L’Oreal and other makeup companies have been criticized in the past for testing on animals, which the company states it no longer does. According to the Daily Mail, the cosmetics company has been making great strides to promote itself as being supportive of “animal welfare.”
Many have drawn connections between Despiegelaere’s dismissal with 19-year-old Kendall Jones, a Texas Tech cheerleader who also received criticism for uploading hunting images to Facebook. Jones reported even receiving death threats over the photos, which displayed legally harvested game and one tranquilized white rhino, which was captured for treatment. Likewise, Despiegelaere is also receiving a fair amount of negative comments on Twitter, where the teen posted the photo of herself beside a gemsbok with rifle in hand.