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VIDEO: Colorado Restaurant Has Gun Wearing Waitresses

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Recent anti-gun, anti-hunting rhetoric has left you a little annoyed with some of the Star Spangled Banner’s populous as the Fourth of July draws near, there’s a place that’s sure to put a smile back on your face and love of country in your heart.

Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado not only welcomes firearms on the premises, but your food is served by gun toting waitresses.

The restaurant’s owner, Lauren Boebert, said she starting wearing her handgun a year ago and it simply caught on with the rest of the staff.

The waitresses are not required to wear a firearm as part of their uniform. After all, this isn’t Hooters. It’s a family establishment.

Boebert told Fox News she began wearing her pistol for protection.

    "I started open-carrying maybe a month after we opened just because I am a woman in business and I was there early hours and late nights," Boebert said. "There was a man beaten to death in the alley behind my restaurant last year. It was very unfortunate."

Business has reportedly picked up thanks to the wait staff’s willingness to legally carry their guns and serve your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Next time you’re near Rifle, Colorado stop in and say ‘hi’ and ‘thanks’ to the ladies at Shooters Grill.