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Florida man catches 800lb shark from shore

MILTON, Flor. (WKRG/CNN) — A Florida fisherman makes the catch of a lifetime: an 800-pound mako shark.

But surprisingly, this is one tale the fisherman would rather keep under wraps.

The video attached to this post is of Joey Polk reeling in this 805 pound mako shark Tuesday night with his cousins Earnie Polk and Kenny Peterson. They documented the tremendous haul.

If Polk had his druthers, he wouldn’t be here tell you about this.

He says they keep a low profile.

They don’t want people trying to ban land-based shark fishing, and they don’t want to scare off tourists with the impression the gulf is full of sharks.

“We just want to save our sport the more people that know about it the more people that crowd our beach, with hundreds of people swimming that’s not what we want,” Polk said.

Most of their sharks don’t come home in a pickup truck–or end up in pieces for dinner–the Polks say the fish normally gets a tag.

“Probably 95% catch and release we do keep a lot of what won’t swim off sometimes,” Polk said.