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Gander Mountain Remodeling Guns-Only Stores

Big box outdoor retailer Gander Mountain has been experimenting with a number of firearms-only stores for the past year, but the experiment is ending.

Facing stiff competition from other large retailers such as Cabela’s and seeing the demand for firearms continue to grow, six of the chain’s stores were converted to gun-centric Firearms Super Centers that dispensed with camping gear, fishing equipment, and apparel to use virtually all available floor space for guns, ammunition, and firearms accessories.

In addition to the six firearms-only stores, six other stores were converted to a “flex” model which expanded the traditional Gander Mountain selection of guns and accessories but also rotated other outdoors merchandise on a seasonal basis. A Gander Mountain official reported that both new models were successful compared to the traditional set-up but that the “flex” stores outperformed the gun-only stores and would be used as a model for the chain going forward.

Firearms will continue to be a featured component of Gander Mountain’s offerings, but the selection of related accessories will be reduced in comparison to the Firearms Super Center stores to make room for seasonal categories.

Two of the firearms stores, located in Wisconsin and Minnesota, will retain the firearms-only layout and inventory.
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