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You Might Be Surprised to Read Why Facebook is Moving to Ban Guns

Article by: Amanda Shea

Liberals are loving the headway they are making right now that could soon silence the pro-gun social networking community on Facebook. This would be catastrophic to conservative pages that support the second amendment who may no longer be allowed to be in existence, thanks to the gun grabber groups Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action.

According to the anti-gun publication Venture Beat, who undoubtedly was upbeat about this potential ban, the two gun control groups have been putting pressure on Facebook to censor gun themed pages. Recently, major progress has been made with agreements that have yet to be disclosed, but are in favor of the liberal agenda when if comes to arms.

The grounds to which these groups are aiming to ban gun pages on, is based on the claim that illegal trade and sales of firearms are taking place on these type of fan pages. Of course the “gun sense” crowed fails to mention that the talk of these transactions take place in states where it is perfectly legal. Let alone the fact the back door approach to silencing a community in opposition to their agenda, will only lead to an outright ban on firearm discussions on the social media site.

Unfortunately, Facebook already has a long history of censoring pro-liberty statements and banning users who promote basic human freedoms, so what’s to stop them there? The social media mega company has been known to deactivate pages which promote the use of firearms, giveaways of rifles in raffles, and in an astonishing move, they banned an image which contained a quote by Mahatma Gandhi explaining how the British disarmed the population during their rule in India. Meanwhile, agregious pages that seemingly promote child pornography, with almost 50,000 ‘fans’ of the page, have gone without scorn despite campaigns and numerous attempts to remove them from the networking site.

By pushing a gun control agenda, Facebook will only accelerate its current decline as millions of gun owners abandon the social media site. They are better served to be a business and not operate on a political platform that’s in direct opposition to many that feed the site.

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