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Oklahoma Goose Hunters Interrupted by Kangaroo

Originally Posted by Outdoor Hub

Andrew Rice and his friends were hunting near Adair, Oklahoma late last month when they were startled by an animal more commonly seen on the other side of the world: a kangaroo. According to KJRH, the hunters were hoping for geese instead.

“Alright so I’m pretty sure this is the most crazy thing that has ever happened to me while I was hunting,” Rice later wrote in a post on his Facebook page, along with a video of a kangaroo speeding past.


The hunters initially thought the strange critter was a coyote or oddly-shaped deer. But as the animal crossed the soybean field directly across the hunters’ blind, they knew it was unmistakably a kangaroo. Native to Australia, kangaroo sightings in Oklahoma have been low, to say the least. The species is well adapted to dry, warm environments such as the Australian outback. Kangaroos are inquisitive creatures however, and captive specimens have been known to play in snow when they get the chance.

KOTV reported that the kangaroo was eventually reclaimed by its owners.

The most likely answer for the creature’s appearance is that it escaped from a nearby wildlife sanctuary. Adair is also home to Safari Joe’s exotic wildlife rescue refuge. The 200-acre sanctuary contains over 250 animals within its boundaries, including several species of large cats like lions and tigers.