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Gear Review: Costa Del Mar 580G

Costa Del Mar 580G Lenses: reviewed by Neal Rohrbach

I’ve been a long time fan and wearer of Costa Del Mar sunglasses and they’re as vital on my gear list as my fishing rod and reel. If you can’t see out there, how can you expect to fish out there? There’s a lot more to sunglasses than what meets the eye (pun intended). Everyone pitches UV protection, many make polarized glasses, but no other pair I’ve put on have held a candle to Costa’s 580 glass lenses.

Each lens is 100% polarized and provide 100% UV A/B/C protection, and that’s just the beginning! I’ve typically worn Costa’s polycarbonate lenses, and always thought in the back of my mind that the glass lenses would make the glasses a lot heavier. When we’re out filming, or just on the water for recreation, I typically have my Costas on for several hours, and a lightweight pair of glasses is important. When I pulled my first glass lens pair from the case, I was surprised. They were extremely lightweight and I found myself double checking the label on the box to make sure I had gotten the right pair. After a little digging, I found out that Costa’s 580G lenses are 20% thinner and 22% lighter than your average polarized glass. How you like them apples?

So they look good and feel good, now how do they perform? I can honestly say that after putting on these glasses, I felt like I had an HD view of the world. I love storing what some folks call “useless knowledge” in the back of my brain, so I had to know just exactly why the 580G lenses had such a striking first look. Well Costa didn’t just come up with a number for these lenses, the 580 came from their ability to block yellow light at 580 nanometers. What does that mean to you and I? It means the reds, blues and greens are enhanced, thus creating that rich HD-like visual, while reducing blur and haze. Pair that with the 100% polarization and UV A/B/C protection and you’ve got, hands down, the best pair of lenses you’ve ever looked through.

I hate to bore you with science and arithmetic, so let me share some of this past weekend’s field testing. I headed down to Palatka, FL with a couple of my good friends to chase the Bassmaster Elite pros and do a little bass fishing ourselves. As soon as the sun started to peek over the horizon, I threw on my pair of Costa Del Mar Hammerheads with the 580G green mirror lenses. Even at dawn, when most folks wouldn’t consider putting on their sunglasses, I saw instant improvement. We decided to chase Terry Scroggins to his first fishing hole, and at sunrise, running 80mph across Crescent Lake through the fog, it was almost as though I had x-ray vision, seeing through the mist and haze much easier than with the naked eye.

The sun finally rose above the treeline and on a nearly cloudless sky, I was still in awe of the 580G lenses. With only 10% light transmission, the green mirror was ideal for the conditions and I always wear the green lenses when I’m river or flats fishing. After Terry threw his first fish of the day in the livewell, behind the seat in his boat, we headed out to do a little fishing of our own. Our first stop was a canal, and as we were getting our rods and reels out, here came Casey Ashley in his Costa Del Mar wrapped Triton bass boat (how ironic). Not to get in the way of someone making a living on the water, we let that Costa blue boat motor on around us, giving him the canal. I like to think that because we surrendered the canal, he secured his spot in the top 12 for Sunday, where he brought home a top 10 finish in the Citrus Slam (you owe me a pair of Costas Casey).

After giving up the canal, we headed out to fish a bank that looked pretty fishy. After several topwater strikes and bites pitching into the lily pads, we trolled up on some bare banks. There were several big momma’s guarding their beds on those banks, and I didn’t have bit of trouble seeing them in the water. I kept telling my buddy, “See that bass? Right there, on the bed,” and he couldn’t see what I could see with his “brand x” polycarbonate lenses. Time and time again I caught myself lowering my glasses onto the end of my nose and looking back and forth between my naked eye and the 580G’s. What I experienced was what Costa calls “The Wow Factor.” Costa’s 580G lenses have shown me the outdoor world in a way I never before realized it could be appreciated. Whether you’re making a living on the water or are a weekend warrior, you need a pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses with their 580 glass lenses. You won’t be disappointed!