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Gear Review: Pelican 1770 Gun Case

Pelican 1770 Gun Case: Reviewed by Neal Rohrbach

Chasing game across the United States, we put a lot of wear and tear on all of our equipment, and when our livelihood, in many cases, depends on successful hunting trips, it’s extremely important that our guns and gear arrive safely at our destination with us. Earlier this Fall, I headed out to South Dakota to chase ducks, geese and pheasant, and began looking into my options for transporting my shotguns from South Georgia to the Prairie Pothole Region. For this particular trip I was flying, and we all know that the airlines can be a lot harder on luggage than a film crew toting your gear in the back of an SUV! It was hard handing Bessie (my Beretta A400 Xtreme) over to the airlines, but I knew she’d be safe and secure in my Pelican 1770 Long Case! 

Considering that the professionals relying on Pelican cases range from firefighters and law enforcement to military and aerospace, I had no doubts that even before my 1770 arrived, it would exceed my expectations in quality and protect what I value. With 7,300 cubic inches of usable storage, it was certainly large enough to protect two fully assembled shotguns, choke tubes and other tools with a custom fit thanks to the “Pick N Pluck” foam. There was ample space to handle a third shotgun, maybe even a fourth had I packed them upright instead of on their sides. 

When choosing a gun case, my first priority was durability, and I’ve seen gun safes that weren’t as solid and crushproof as this case. I rested easy, knowing that no mishandling or turbulence would bother my shotguns one lick. Second to durability, I wanted a case that was waterproof and dustproof. Pelican’s 1770 certainly passed both of those field tests, after riding through dusty corn fields in the back of a pickup and through rain storms between outfitters. The contents remained as clean and dry as the day I pulled it from the packaging. The lid equipped with a polymer o-ring seal kept Mother Nature out of my case, and the six dual action latches ensured it remained sealed during transport. Dual integrated automatic pressurization valves keep moisture out and prevent vacuum lock, for easy open even if your final destination is a mountain elk hunt. 

I would have been more than satisfied if the bells and whistles stopped there, but that’s not Pelican’s M.O. A case this substantial in durability and storage capacity is sure to weigh towards the heavy side when loaded down. While I could still handle it on my own, a folding doublewide handle on either end makes for easy team lifting, and the wide-track wheels with stainless steel ball bearing made rolling the 1770 through the airport or to the lodge’s locker room a breeze. 

Whether you’re headed to South Africa to chase plains game or just up the road for a dove shoot, there’s simply not a bigger workhorse, dollar for dollar, than the cases Pelican is producing for transport and protection. Maybe the 1770 Long Case is a little big for your personal needs, well they certainly manufacture one that would be ideal for any hunter or shooter throughout their 1700 line. Backed by a lifetime guarantee of excellence, I put my trust in Pelican for every item I value, clear down to their micro cases for bringing my iPhone with me to the duck blind. 

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