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Gear Review: LED Light Bar

Exploration Outfitters: For Roads Less Traveled

Mounted LEDFilming outdoor television shows for over 30 years, we’ve grown right along with technology. Our cameras have evolved from $100,000 shoulder mounted behemoths to hand held HD cameras fully outfitted for a 10th of the cost. There haven’t been that many or drastic changes in lighting, studio or off-road, until LED’s emerged, and we’ve found not only the best in quality and durability, but also economy from Exploration Outfitters.
We have been working with on-board LED’s for a few years, and they’ve allowed us to film those early morning or late evening shots that we couldn’t get before. The downside was that they’d illuminate the person you were filming, but that’s about it. Enter the light bars from Exploration Outfitters, gear for roads less traveled, and a big game changer. Pun intended.
Exploration Outfitters got us setup with three 12” LED Flood bars with magnetic mounts and cigarette lighter power sources for our expeditions into the wilderness. Where we would have previously used headlamps, headlights and on-board camera lights to illuminate the setup of decoys in a field, or tracking a deer after sunset, we can now light up Mother Nature like a BCS football field. Our inability to film in these low light conditions are extinct, and getting ready for a morning hunt or tracking game in the dark has never been easier than it is with LED light bars from Exploration Outfitters. The before and after photos speak volumes.
The magnetic mounts and A/C power sources allow us to easily move from our trucks to our guides’ vehicles, even to UTV’s or ATV’s and keep on lighting up those roads less traveled. On our recent trip to South Dakota, we got set up in record time in the mornings and captured some great footage as well. We hunted ducks on a slough one evening, and were giving the dogs a rest. A flock of nearly 5,000 ducks were tornadoing above us and a big group of Green Winged Teal swooped through our decoy spread and we folded seven of them in that 80mph pass. When we waded out to retrieve the teal, they had floated out to deeper water than our waders would allow us to trek. With temperatures right at freezing, there were no volunteers to swim out to get them and we noticed the wind was pushing them to the other shore. After packing up, darkness was falling on us quickly, and we drove around to the far side of the slough, mounted a 12” LED lightbar on the roof of the truck, plugged it in, and retrieved all seven of those teal with ease. I guess you can say that Exploration Outfitters put dinner on the table.

One of the reasons we hadn’t outfitted our film crews with LED light bars in the past was due to budget issues. Products similar to these that Matt Green at Exploration Outfitters is building can cost upwards of $400-$500. That’s not the case here. With LED products starting below $40, and even their mack daddy 50” LED Lightbar at a price point under $900, fighting darkness is no longer a budget constraint. Whether you’re headed out into the wilderness as a weekend warrior, or making a living in the outdoors, Exploration Outfitters has the lighting setups you need at prices you don’t even have to run by the old lady.

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