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Gear Review: TreadWright Tires

Guard Dog M/T: Retread 265/70/17 Mud Terrain Tires, reviewed by Neal Rohrbach

There are a lot of things that we put a beating on and go through in the outdoor business: Shotguns, shells, decoys, rain gear, ground blinds and a bevy of other items. One thing that we don’t go anywhere without, whether we’re headed to New Mexico to stalk Elk, Canada for waterfowl or South Florida for Tarpon fishing, we’re ALWAYS rolling down the road on tires. Initially we sit down and budget out our trips, what do we need? Fuel, food, lodging, shells, camo, all make our gear lists, but often times we forget that hey, when you put 250,000 miles a year on your vehicles, you’re going to burn through some rubber! 

TreadWrights on truckReliability, performance and cost are three of the biggest factors when it comes to the search for tires. I’ll admit, sometimes we’ll budge a little on performance to keep down the cost, maybe go with an All-Terrain instead of a Mud-Terrain tire. The last set we had quoted from one of the bigger names in tires, came to just shy of $1,400 for 4 All-Terrain tires, mounted and balanced. Five sets of those a year, on two to three different vehicles adds up pretty darn quick. 

When it was time for a new set of tires, I remembered an off road magazine that I’d hung on to for a year or so, because it had a review in there for TreadWright Tires. The review boasted awesome performance, great look, and an almost too good to be true price. TreadWright manufactures retread tires, something you usually hear about in commercial trucks, but not as often in light trucks. I was a little hesitant in a retread, at first, but after researching TreadWright and the positive feedback was all over the web; forums, highly reputable publications and now…TV producers. Their warranty rivals any big name, brand new tire, if not better. Two year warranty with free replacement within the first year for workmanship and materials, I was sold. Grandpa Joe Hawkins founded the company on the motto that still stands today, “if a job’s worth doing, do it right.” That’s evident at TreadWright today, now run by 3rd generation Hawkins, Joel. 8,000 miles later they still look brand spanking new. In fact when I took them to get rotated at 5,500 miles, the shop asked me twice if I was sure I needed to rotate them. 

TreadWright StackThe performance has been great on road, off road, in rain, mud and sand. They look mean as heck, I went with the Guard Dog M/T, and plan on giving their new Claw a spin for the next set. Yes, I said “next set.” Repeat customers is what TreadWright is all about, and at $600 for a set of 265/70/17 Mud-Terrain tires, including shipping to my door, they’re going to have a lot of repeat customers. I’ll keep you posted as I continue to rack up the miles, and let you know what I think of the Claw’s when they hop on my wheels. 

TreadWright Tires