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PETA Hits Anglers Below the Belt

PETA is not known for shying away from controversy. In fact, they thrive on doing whatever they can get their message out, even if it means blatant attacks on the general public. 
In one such campaign, PETA aimed their sights at fishermen. The question is simple, "Do anglers have small rods?" Clearly this phrasing is intended to call into question the "manhood" of male anglers the world over.
The group even set up a site dedicated to convincing men that if they fish, it is only because they are lacking in certain "manly" areas and thus attempting to overcompensate for their "shortcomings." You check it out for yourself by visiting
This is simply a ridiculous approach to take. Thinking that attacking anglers, sportsmen, and outdoor enthusiasts by hitting them below the belt is low, even by PETA's standards.