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How NOT to Catch a Shark

Warning: Shark Wranglin' (or whatever these folks want to call what they're doing) may be hazardous to your health. It can also be hazardous to the health of the shark. Nonetheless, the crowd who dragged in this rather large shark decided that they were going to land this behemoth no matter what. You can see this dazzling display of recklessness in a video posted on LiveLeak here (or click the video above). 
Now we'd love to offer our top 3 tips on how to properly land sharks: 
  • Ensure that the innocent bystanders (especially children) are not in the path of retrieval
  • Refuse to employ the assistance of people who wish to drag in the shark with their bare hands
  • Do not pat the shark on the head
Fortunately no one was hurt (so far as we could tell) in the making of this film, but it does serve as a constant reminder that wildlife is unpredictable. Sportsmen and women must always be considerate of themselves, others, and even wildlife to ensure that ethics and safety are top priorities. This shark tale could have ended much differently than it did.