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Gear Review: Duck Commander Triple Threat

Finally, there’s a duck call on the market that truly “has it all.” You’ve heard claims that this call blows wet, that call sounds like a duck and here’s one that’s the best bang for your buck. I have finally found a call that has ultimately changed the way each and every one of us in the waterfowling world will look at duck calls from here forward.  

That call is the Duck Commander Triple Threat, a polycarbonate, triple reed duck call. Is it the first call that blows wet? No. Is it the first call that identically replicates pure mallard hen? Maybe. Is Duck Commander the first company to nail the triple reed? Yes. Is it the first call that would score 5 out of 5 on every aspect of a duck call review? Absolutely!

When the box showed up at the office from the guys at Duck Commander, I couldn’t wait to run their new triple reed calls. I’ve run triple reeds before, had always thought they had a unique sound to them, but just didn’t feel like anyone else had “nailed it” before. After the first “quack” I sat back in my chair and said to myself “wow, that sounded like a duck.” I don’t know why I expected any less from the guys in West Monroe, who have dedicated better than 40 years to the call making business, but they’ve really raised the bar now!

When I sit down with a new call, I want to know a number of things. I’ll start out with the “quack” and move on from there. Greeting calls, hails, and chatter all followed, and while I’ve only been running duck calls for 10 years, you’d think I’d had one in my hands for the better part of a century. Every sound the Triple Threat produces is 100% pure duck, with a raspy "mother hen" kick.

The next order of business was to see if this call would blow wet. It almost seemed as though the longer I ran the call, the better it sounded. As perspiration began to become visible through its translucent moss green color, it kept on running strong, if not better with each cadence. Odds were looking pretty good that it’d run wet, but I had to push the limits. I held the call over my trash can, poured water through it, and gave it a whirl. That’s when I realized that the call I was holding, quite possibly, was the first call that literally blew wet, if not better when it was wet. At this point, I was determined to MAKE this call stick. Did I mention I like to push limits? So I cracked open a can of WildLife Energy Drink, poured it in a cup, dunked the Triple Threat in the cup and let it sit while I finished the drink. The Triple Threat still ran like a dream.  

My “high fructose corn syrup test” prompted me to go ahead and take the call apart. Not only was it easy to run, but it was a breeze to take apart, clean and put back together. It's easy to clean at home or in the blind, and back to committing ducks in a snap.

I guess that leaves just one final question. How much does it cost? Priced at a more than reasonable $40, that rounds out the Duck Commander Triple Threat, in my opinion, as a call that should be on every lanyard from Canada to the deep South. It doesn’t merely pass every aspect of a product test, it’s cupped and landing in first place, across the board.