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Officials Rescue Deer with Arrow in Head

According to, the wounded deer with an arrow through its head has been found, and the arrow has been safely removed. 

The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife tranquilized the young deer on the afternoon of November 9, 2013 and removed the arrow, treated the puncture wound and released it back in the wild. 
The Fish and Wildlife biologists who executed the procedure said the arrow hit no arteries, and the deer’s chances at survival are excellent. It’s a great ending to a story that quickly went viral, when Susan Darrah of Rockaway Township first shared photos of the deer when it wandered onto her property. Friends of Darrah’s from as far away as Nairobi and Holland got word, and told her news had spread to them and their local news outlets. 
Below is the original article. 
Every good hunter knows that when you’re taking your shot, you aim to kill. Unfortunately, a deer in New Jersey was the unlucky recipient of a misplaced arrow during the beginning of New Jersey’s bowhunting season, and has been on the loose since. Area officials are seeking any leads to find the dear with the arrow in its head who does not seem to be in pain, though the arrow could potentially cause an infection to occur in an otherwise healthy animal. 
The image above came from Susan Darrah, who photographed the animal from several feet away while it stood behind her home around noon on Friday in the Rockaway Township near Denville, NJ. 
Darrah, 64, posted the photo to her Facebook page Friday with the caption, “Want to know what sucks? THIS!! Tried to capture him to no avail…..he can eat, run and there’s no blood, less chance of infection. I just feel so bad for him…” 
At the request of the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife, Darrah has placed food out for the deer, which has returned to her property multiple times over the weekend. Although she has been unable to keep it on her property until Wildlife officials are able to arrive and sedate the animal for treatment, Darrah remains hopeful that the deer will return once more. She added in a later Facebook post, “this was not done intentionally. any hunters i know would have looked for this deer knowing they missed a clean shot.” 
If you or someone you know resides in the area of Rockaway Township and happens to see this deer, please contact the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife as soon as possible.