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First Look: LAR-15 Lightweight Mountain Rifle


Info from Grandview Outdoors

Call it the cowboy rifle of the 21st Century.

At 6.2 pounds, the new LAR-15 Lightweight Mountain Rifle from Rock River Arms is the kind of stow-and-go long gun that conjures images of Western lawmen and their trusted lever actions. With an insanely slim forend and a barrel about the diameter of a Sharpie, the Mountain rifle delivers solid performance at medium ranges in a bantam weight package.

You barely notice it slogging through swamps, humping over berms and scraping through palmettos in search of hogs and predators on a hot Florida afternoon. And when a wily coyote presents itself on a stalk, the Mountain Rifle swings into action delivering a one-shot kill at 75 yards.

Rock River Arms Mountain RifleCoupled with the new HPR Black Ops 62 grain open tip frangible ammo — which splinters into fragments creating deadly mass force trauma — the Mountain Rifle offers a lot of flexibility for a wide range of game, or even for self defense.

But the slimmed down profile and components of the Mountain Rifle means this is not a volume fire weapon. As much as you might want to throw this into a 3 gun match, the barrel profile and narrow handguard might make life a little hot when the lead is flying.

Needless to say, if you're looking for a "carry" rifle that you can stow in your 4-wheeler, truck or horse for when the critters come out, the LAR-15 Lightweight Mountain Rifle has to be one of the lightest, slimmest, lowest-profile options out there.

•   16-inch chrome moly lightweight barrel with 1:9 twist

•   RRA lightweight low-profile gas block

•   Forged upper and lower receiver

•   RRA two stage trigger with RRA winter trigger guard

•   Hogue rubber grip

•   36-inch extended length

•   6.2 pound empty weight

•   $1,150 MSRP