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Bass Series Launches New Campaign Warning Elite Anglers About Long-Term Risks Of Retirement


BIRMINGHAM—Saying that many anglers assume they are somehow immune to the problems afflicting those who quit fishing, Bass Series Marshal Jim Logan announced a broad new campaign Wednesday to warn all elite anglers about the long-term risks of retirement.

“With this initiative, we’re hoping to educate elite anglers about the enormous toll they might pay by giving up fishing,” said Logan, adding that the tournament series will highlight the full and potentially debilitating consequences of retirement, which include the frequent and often permanent loss of endorsements that have recently affected a number of high-profile former anglers.

“Sadly, most elite anglers will find that, without fishing, they’ll have completely fallen apart mentally by the time they’re in their 60s, and sometimes even earlier than that. We’ve also seen that over time, their public profile begins to wear down, and it’s truly heartbreaking to see them become totally unrecognizable to the fans who once loved and knew them so well. What’s even more heartbreaking, is a lot of these elite anglers will no longer be able to get free or discounted products from rod, reel, tackle and accessory companies.”

Logan added that he aims to extend the awareness campaign to the youth level, as studies have found notions of quitting fishing have occurred in anglers as young as 8.