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Illinois Town Adopts Plan To Haze Coyotes


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GENEVA, Ill. (AP) — Geneva is getting serious about chasing away coyotes in the northern Illinois city.

The City Council adopted a coyote management plan that includes the possibility of trained personnel that could be either police or volunteers hazing coyotes.

City administrator Mary McKittrick told the council that earlier language suggesting shooting paintballs at coyotes was removed, the Daily Herald reported. She said there was confusion about whether that meant anyone could shoot paintballs or even copper balls at coyotes.

Now the plan only makes reference to “high-intensity hazing techniques by trained personnel.” Techniques include throwing rocks or golf balls, as well as “aggressive hazing” meant to “address more egregious coyote-related incidents” or attacks.

“The most appropriate and effective methods of aggressive hazing, as well as who would employ the aggressive hazing, would be determined on a case to case basis,” the plan says.

The city has also hired Humane Society experts to teach residents about coyotes, including hazing. Residents can sign up for a March 30 program at city's website. Training is limited to 50 people.