• SPORTS- September 21st

    Cross County Highlights By:  Allison McGarity The Elbert County boys and girls Cross Country team has started their season off great. ...  Full Story

  • SEASONAL- September 21st

    No Labor Here!! By:  Elizabeth Vaughn Welcome back!! Last weekend, we had a four day weekend due to the Labor Day Holiday. Everybody enjoys...  Full Story

  • ROTC- September 21st

    A New Start of a New Season By:  Alyssa Evans The first raider meet happened on Saturday the 8th of September. This was the last first raid...  Full Story

  • REVIEWS- September 21st

    Divergent Book & Movie By:  Karis Gary The Divergent book trilogy was published on April 26, 2011.  According to book fan Aniyah R...  Full Story

  • INTERVIEWS- September 21st

    Student Interview with Madison Brown By:  Ellie Jourolmon The Cross Country team is on the run! The team has been practicing and preparing ...  Full Story