OUR Identity

The Irwin County School System is a rural community of educators and personnel committed to helping our students succeed in and out of the classroom. Because we are a small system composed of three schools housed in two facilities, we are accustomed to finding innovative ways to serve our students. For example, multiple teachers work for more than one campus, and we share resources across the system. We are determined to do whatever it takes to ensure our students' success in an ever-changing future. 

OUR Values

The mission of the Irwin County School System is to CARE – College and Career Readiness – Academic Support –Relationships – Excellence. Our vision is to embrace innovation, initiate positive change, and provide and equitable and excellent educational opportunity that prepares all graduates for success in their endeavors. We also strive to provide students with educational experiences exceeding the classroom environment, and we recently acquired technology from Education Sports Entertainment Networks in order to give students hands-on opportunity to record and live-stream high school events. We believe that by allowing students to do these things, they become actively engaged and assume ownership for their educational career, giving them an enhanced learning experience. The S.M.A.R.T. members share and are dedicated to these same ideals.