CSPN-TV Sports

CSPN-TV Sports is seen every Monday. Your host, Quintin With The Sports, provides score updates weekly as well as upcoming game or competition information. Sports features are periodically shown. 

Magnet Update

Magnet Update is our Tuesday segment. Here you will find weekly information on each magnet to stay up to date with the latest concerts, art shows, and more.


Salon is our Wednesday show. In historical context, salon is defined as a regular social gathering of eminent people prominent to society. With this in mind, this segment is devoted to interviewing some of the most interesting people from the Manual community.

Manual Pathways

Pathways is our Thursday segment. It is devoted to social and cultural content. Here you may find cooking recipes, neighborhood features, or music videos.

Friday Show

Our Friday show consists of packages that do not specifically fit into any one segment or have special relevance to the specific Friday. In addition, our Friday show can typically include more light-hearted of amusing packages.