ALTV News 2013-2014

Season 3
9-9-13 New ALTV logo. Severe thunderstorms hit Hermiston. New stadium at HHS. Golden Spike National Historic Site. Anchors: Ryne and Jacob. (Episode 1 - 8:55)
9-24-13 More severe storms. ALMS football and cross-country. Great Salt Lake. Final runner is cheered. Anchors: Mati and Alex (Episode 2 - 10:37)
10-7-13 Dr. Luis Cruz. Volleyball and football. College World Series. Anchors: Camden and Bobby. (Episode 3 - 8:47)
10-28-13 ALTV's first live streamed football game. Homework club and ALTV promo. Band concert and school dance. West Umatilla Mosquito Control District. Anchors: McKayla and Lesly. (Episode 4 - 15:44)
11-12-13 Basketball report. ALTV promo. Best Foot Forward fundraiser. Pawpride assembly. Science in Action video trailer. Anchors: Alex and Tori. (Episode 5 - 9:06)
11-26-13 Canned food drive. Recognition of ALMS basketball players. College football update. 6th grade science. Anchors: Alex and Tori. (Episode 6 - 4:49)
12-9-13 Arctic outbreak. Universality Club. Basketball. ALTV live stream crew at work. Anchors: Andrew and Alyssa.  (Episode 7 - 9:58)
12-20-13 Live show. Final seconds of ALMS/SMS basketball game. Anchors: Tori and Alex. (Episode 8 - 10:38)
1-21-14 National Guard. Interview at Banner Bank. ALTV promo. Science in Action video. Educator of the Year. Frog dissection. Anchors: Dylan and Kylie.  (Episode 9 - 12:25)
1-27-14 New ALTV crew. Three Kids Curing Cancer (3KCC). Anchor bloopers. Anchors: Alex and Mackenzie.  (Episode 10 - 7:46)
2-3-14 Fire safety. Girls basketball. Pawpride assembly. ALTV's 2nd birthday. Anchors: Mykah and Amber.  (Episode 11 - 17:50)
3-3-14 High school district basketball tournament. Career Choices Day. Live-streaming marathon. Anchors: Amber and Hayden.  (Episode 12 - 11:58)
3-10-14 Apartment fire. School district music concert. Book promo. Robotics tournament. Anchors: Genesis and Heidi.  (Episode 13 - 13:03)
3-20-14 Live show. Report from ASB Leadership. Anchors: Jessie and Mackenzie. (Episode 14 - 6:22)
4-7-14 New 4th quarter crew. U.S. Education TV awards. Gold Team Science in Action. Glow-in-the-Dark dance. Anchor bloopers. Anchors: Jada and Mackenzie.  (Episode 15 - 11:14)
4-28-14 Tennis and track. HHS baseball. Educator Dr. Luis Cruz. Anchors: Lina and Heidi.  (Episode 16 - 6:16)
5-5-14 Freshman Co-President candidates for HHS. Oxbow Trail dedication. Knowledge Bowl. Anchors: Matters and Clint.  (Episode 17 - 7:52)
5-13-14 Interviews with secretaries and students. Cinco de Mayo dance. Sports. Gold Team Science. Anchors: Jadwin and Josh.  (Episode 18 - 9:32)
5-19-14 Southern California wildfires reported by CHSTV in Carlsbad. Thirst Project. Inflatable carnival. Marching band trip to Wenatchee. Anchors: Robbie and Ethan. (Episode 19 - 10:34)
6-4-14 Live show. Congratulate 8th graders. 5th graders visit ALMS. Knowledge Fair highlights. Tillamook Cheese Factory. Anchors: Jessie and Mackenzie. (Episode 20 - 13:55)