Season 8 (2018-19)

Season 8
9-24-18 Introduce the 1st quarter ALTV crew. Umatilla County Fair. Desktop Puppy. ALMS Street Party.  Anchors: Estephany and Sergio. (Episode 1 - 9:39)
11-5-18 Crowded hallways. Cooking class. Pet Rescue. Anchors: Landon and Jesús. (Episode 2 - 7:30)
12-10-18 Introduce the 2nd quarter ALTV crew. Robotics Club. Peer counseling. Culinary training. Breakfast cart. Anchors: Zane and Piper. (Episode 3 - 12:51)
12-21-18 Kindness Club. School start time. ALMS winter concert. Anchors: Keegan and Dillon. (Episode 4 - 8:56)
3-28-19 STN Seattle Convention Crazy 8's contest entry. Where did the name "Seattle" originate? Seattle native history. Seattle native artwork and the importance of totem poles. Anchors: Reese and Emily. (Episode 5 - 5:24)
4-29-19 Introduce the 3rd quarter ALTV crew. What is the American Dream? Respect. Anchor bloopers. Anchors: Hailey and Piper. (Episode 6 - 10:17)
5-31-19 ALTV's trip to the STN Convention in Seattle. Seattle montage. Spot feature contest entry: ZUM Fitness. PSA contest entry: Going Green. Achor team contest entry: Amazon. Anchors: Ashley and Piper. (Episode 7 - 7:23)
6-12-19 Introduce the 4th quarter ALTV crew. Funland playground fire at Butte Park. Career survey: What do you want to be? Cory Greenwood. What sport would you add at ALMS? New shop with unique merchandise. Fighting sports. Anchors: Emma and Alyson. (Episode 8 - 15:06)