ALTV respects copyright law and has a strict policy prohibiting the use of copyrighted material in its programming without the permission of the owner. This includes images, video, and music.

ALTV uses properly licensed royalty-free music in its programs from several sources, including:


ALTV may use images, videos, and music that are in the public domain, including public domain musical arrangements recorded by military bands of the U.S. Armed Forces. On rare occasions, ALTV may include a snippet of copyrighted music that is part of a news story that would generally fall under the principles of fair use.


Under federal and state copyright law, a license is required to livestream or record any performance of a concert or play containing copyrighted material, including school concerts and plays. Therefore, ALTV does not livestream or record any concerts or plays and will refuse any request to do so for an individual or organization. This includes lending our video equipment for such a purpose. If a copyrighted performance appears as part of a livestreamed event, we will blackout the video and mute the audio until the performance has finished. For pre-recorded events, the copyrighted material will be deleted from the final edited product (digital or DVD).


Contact ALTV Adviser Rob Doherty.