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We hope that you find what you are looking for while you are here.  At Blue Devil News we try to cover the experiences that make being a part of our school greater than the ordinary.  Join us as we try to document these moments and tell the stories that make each one of us a Marietta Blue Devil!

The focus of our efforts is the production of our school morning show, Good Morning Marietta.  This show features a good mix of information and entertainment, or what we call "info-tainment".  We will do news stories about the people who make up our school and community, but we will also do a video about a guy who decides that his superhero power is flatulence.  It doesn't always fit into a neat little box, but it will always be the effort of our students that makes the awesome happen.

As a part of a well-rounded production education, our students will be exposed to journalism, the film industry, and live multi-camera sports production.  But, to be honest, it doesn't matter what we are doing, if we aren't telling a story.  Here, at Blue Devil News, we believe that "stories matter, but stories about people matter more."


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